Hey folks

So hey, I invited like six or seven people to come on to the site and look about. I increased your “trust level” to “Leader” which basically gives you a lot more freedom on the site. I can change virtually anything you can think of here, so let me know if something is wonky.

Thanks guys.

  • Natey

Oh, ps.

If you can’t post something or reply to something, just log out and log back in for the trust thing to take effect. Thanks!


I adjusted settings so replies in this category dont need to be approved. I’ll make that change everywhere. Woops.

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Hey Nate, thanks for inviting me. I am testing the forum by posting this.

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Trying again (after logging in and out). Like the old school, chill vibe!


hi all, i’m a sometimes poet…not writing nearly as prolifically as I once did. I cook professionally, and also partake in competitive pinball (yes, that’s a thing- if you’re curious and want to know more, feel free and shoot me a message). Lastly, i’m originally from Michigan, and have bounced around between Michigan and New England where I attended culinary school in Providence, RI and eventually settled in the mid-atlantic region 13 years ago in the greater DC area and moved into DC proper just shy of two years ago and this is a great city.


Good times… Looks like everything is working. Gonna take a minute to just get used to the format and such. I’ve not really written much since got poetry died, so this will be a good change for me.


Thanks for the invite! Checking the reply function by sending this


I just posted in the poetry category. I cut and pasted, but it didn’t keep my lines the way I wanted them when it posted. I edited and put in line breaks a different way, but it wouldn’t let me keep a double line break between stanzas. I am not nor have I ever claimed to be computer savvy. I’m going to go back and try something different and see if it comes out the way I intended.

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